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Saint Prokopios is probably the most famous beaches on the island and not for nothing. Its waters are crystal clear and its coast has a length of two kilometers. Its considered to be amongst the top beaches on Greece, and potentially in the whole Europe as well, and for that reason it is also the beach with the most tourists on the island.

And naturally, it is quite well organized as well, with a big number of hotels for you to pick for your accommodation, a great variety of restaurants, while the sea sports fans won’t get disappointed. It is quite a long distance from the main land, approximately 5 km’s, but  you can easily find local buses that can take you back and forth from the beach every half an hour, so even if you can’t afford  or simply don’t want to rent a vehicle, you can easily visit it, even on the night hours.






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Studios Naxos

studios Naxos
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