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The Saint George beach, named after a small chapel placed on a hill in the start of the beach, is the closest one to the port of Naxos. From any central point, it’s just a mere 10-15 minute walk from the first stores and shops in the port. It’s an ideal beach for families with small children or even babies, as the small distance from the centre of the mainland makes the transports much easier, and the swallow waters are perfect for small swimmers.

The buildings around the beach form a big hotel district, giving you a big variety for your accommodation, while the cafés and the restaurants are literally a few meters away from the beach.

The fans of sea sports can try out a variety of activities, while you can even try out horse riding. If you visit the beach with company, then don’t forget to witness one of most beautiful sunsets on the island, from the hill of the church. 






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Studios Naxos

studios Naxos
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